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Helping Support Tim Arnold's Pinball Hall of Fame.

The Pinball Hall of Fame is the realized dream of Michigan native Tim Arnold. Though obviously Tim and Charlotte were the people that drove the ship, many others helped with financial and donated work support to make this happen. Though certainly not everyone involved is listed below, these are the main contributors to the PHoF (please email the webmaster with any omisions). The following products and people helped build the PHoF through their time and financial contributions.

Direct Support to the PHoF.
If you wish to support the Pinball Hall of Fame via Paypal, donations of any amount are always welcome. Also feel free to buy any of the above DVD videos via paypal too. For more details please contact Tim Arnold using his paypal email address at lasvegaspinballmuseum@gmail.com You may also order any of the above products by mail using U.S. check, money order or travelers checks, made payable to:

    Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club
    2620 S. Maryland Pkwy #241
    Las Vegas NV 89109.

In-Home Pinball Repair in Las Vegas.
If you need in-home pinball repair in the Las Vegas area, we suggest contacting www.PinballVegas.com, as their rates are very reasonable and quality very high. If you want in-home pinball repair in Michigan, we suggest www.PinRepair.com

Other Pinball Venues that Support Us.
We also support the Vintage Flipper World (Ann Arbor Michigan) Pinball Museum www.VFWpinball.com as one of our favorite mid-west pinball facilities and pinball shows.