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Tim Arnold's Pinball Hall of Fame.

PHoF Location
4925 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas NV 89119.
(new location, opened 4/15/2021)
The new location is right on 'the strip' across the
street from the classic 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign and
the Madalay Hotel.
Hours & Contact Info
Hours: 10am till 9pm, except Friday/Saturday 10am till 10pm.
Telephone: 702-597-2627 (though we can't hear it ring!)
Email: pinballhalloffame@msn.com
Entrance Cost
Entrance to the Pinball Hall of Fame is FREE.
Pinball Games Available for Play
A listing of the games available for play at the PHoF is online. They are adding or changing games at the PHoF a lot, but this list is fairly up to date. Also provided are game statistics by type, make, year, etc.